A smart consumer is one who is always on the lookout for the best deals. But in an effort to make savings, most consumers tend to lean towards those that offer the cheapest prices. Why would you pay for something at full price when you can get it elsewhere at a huge bargain? Sounds like a logical argument, but you should be too smart to fall for this bait. When it comes to a private health insurance comparison, a lot of consumers focus solely on premiums and contributions. However, there is a larger scope you need to dedicate your focus on to ensure that you do not fall victim to fraudsters.

There are several fraudulent schemes that have spread in the insurance industry over the last decade or so. This is partly due to the high demand for insurance coverages, along with the rise in number of people seeking out cheap insurance. But it is often too late until insurers realize that they have been scammed. You can only act helpless as fraudsters run away with your hard-earned money.

To protect yourself from scams during your search for the best private health insurance, there are tell-tale signs you need to be mindful of:

1.    Take a distance from health care insurance companies with highly-aggressive sales individuals. In some cases, especially for those who have given away their contact details – they call, fax, or e-mail you to no end. They would insist that their offer is a “good deal” for you. But you should know by now that when something is too promising beyond belief, it probably isn’t true.

2.    Another red flag is when an insurance agent promises you better pricing if you sign up immediately. The sense of urgency should give you a hint on the possibility of a scam. Professional and honest insurance agents will never rush you to make a decision right away. Instead, they will provide you a detailed explanation of what each policy entails. Their goal is to educate you before getting you to commit to a policy.

3.    If the agent cannot provide a certification for the validity of the insurance company, it’s time to move on. A reputed private health insurance Australia firm should be confident to provide proof and documents of their certification. The moment an agent or any representative of the company shows any signs of hesitation when talks of certification comes up, you should be suspicious.

4.    Aside from protecting you from potential scams, a private health insurance comparison will help you exactly understand the coverage you can get. A cheap insurance policy is no good if it is unable to cover the medical expenses or services that you need.

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