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Celebrate July Christmas with Delicious Food

Among Australians, there is a strange feeling related to Christmas! Even celebrity Chef Neil Perry too has discussed this and suggested that there is a way out! This article will explore about those opportunities. If you live in Australia, you must have enjoyed summer Christmas since you were born? If you close your eyes and think of Christmas, you’ll find images of snowflakes, Santa wearing heavy woolens like the ones you have seen in movies that are celebrated in Northern hemisphere! So, if you too plan such things during Christmas, why not celebrate summer Christmas with the help from professional firms, which offer services of food catering Melbourne wide and who will manage the food items to be enjoyed during the celebration.

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Yes, one cannot think of celebrating Christmas without food, whether you are celebrating it in July or December! And if you celebrate Christmas during July, you will have many unique items to savor that are not available during December; just ask your caterer who offers services of catering Melbourne eastern suburbs wide for some suggestions.

Here are certain suggestions to make the occasion special.

Christmas is all about the Spirit

So, whether it is December or July, celebrate summer Christmas with the same spirit that you have during December. Yes, you may not get the Christmas tree available but there are other decorations to make the event look and feel great. Get candles, baubles, pine cones and other decoration items to get the feel. And do not forget to serve great food. If you are planning to enjoy from morning, look for breakfast catering Melbourne firms provide, or else there are many food catering Melbourne companies who can serve you the best food to make your day great. Also make sure that music is there as that will create the environment.

Heat Up Your Drinks

You may agree or not, but July in Melbourne is not the exact time for frosty beer to be taken with lunch. For your July Christmas, you may enjoy mulled wine along with your lunch. The services of lunch catering Melbourne firms provide can help you to decide the drinks. After you complete the meal make sure that they serve coffee or tea, and of course, for those with a sweet tooth, nothing can be better than hot chocolate.

Roast, Roast, Roast

Christmas without roast! Can you think of it? The first roast that comes to mind is turkey, but you may consider other roasts too like port, pumpkin, potatoes and others. It will be totally your discretion as to whether you’ll do the roast yourself or handover the job to the food catering Melbourne company. Make sure that you have discussed with them everything you want to be served in your July Christmas party. You want it to be unique, and it’s they who can actually make it dashing for you and your friends.

Don’t forget Santa

Just the way you cannot think of Christmas without food, your kids will miss the spirit if Santa is not present in the Christmas celebration. So, consider having Santa to make the event a successful one.

Christmas celebration is all about the enjoyment and spirit. So, while Jesus Christ was not exactly born in July, God will never feel bad if His children are enjoying and maintaining the spirit! For more details please visit this site

Food Tourism: The Key to Local Economic Progress

Food is life—indeed it is. We eat every day to live, that’s why it’s easily taken for granted—that eating out as an unnecessary luxury and food tourism is nothing more than an entire cash grab. However, for food aficionados such as foodie bloggers and owners of bars Gaslamp San Diego has today, food tourism goes beyond that.

Food Tourism

Don’t you just love it when a certain taste reminds you of those nights in bars Gaslamp San Diego has with a pleasant company? The conversations, having met new people, the chill in the air, the smell of fried Salmon, the buzz you get from drinking in that San Diego cocktail bar—good food, good memories. Interestingly, there’s an entire industry that cultivates celebrating good memories through good food, and that is food tourism.

What is food tourism? Is it traveling far and wide or out of the country just to eat, pray, and love? Not entirely. Food tourism is the pursuit of great memories through great food, regardless of the place; it is also the industry that includes the food businesses and the food travelers.

Contrary to the popular notion, food tourism is not anchored on international travelers with an insatiable craving for new and unique cuisine. It can also develop locally, such as in the forms of local food festivals and weekend food markets. Click here

Risks and Gains

Food tourism is not only allowing restaurants and bars Gaslamp San Diego has these days, for example, to gather and present their best dishes to their loyal and potential customers; it’s also a platform for the latter to gain new experiences and know underrated but great restaurants without traveling too far.

However, from a business perspective, concluding that food tourism only benefits the restaurants and entrepreneurs are false. Restaurateurs are also risking a lot for the gain they’re going to get from investing in food tourism.

For instance, restaurateurs are also risking to spend on costs without having a sure increase in their sales. This also affects their management time and capital amount. So food businesses, whether small- or medium-sized, should be wise in investing in food festivals and other gimmicks aligned with food tourism. Cost-efficiency should always be prioritized, in terms of location, accessibility, and dealing with the right market.

Nonetheless, it also boosted their exposure to customer exposure and sales outlets. Even better, it made their brand more well-known and allowed them to gain market intelligence on potential products and customers.

Local Economic Progress

Always start small—for food tourism, that’s entirely true and effective. Food tourism has made its mark on local economic progress for food businesses.

How does it contribute to local economic progress? Food tourism helps associate a region with a high-quality product, which means more potential attraction for customers and businesses. Moreover, it also helps visitors become more “attached” to the locality, increasing loyalty and authority on the businesses’ side.

For instance, in Southern California, San Diego has some notable wineries and bars. Whether it’s a downtown San Diego whiskey bar or a downtown San Diego cocktail bar, patrons definitely go back for the wine seminars and live demos and even complimentary tastings. People can get flushed by great wine and dance to the music festivals at places like The Marina Del Rey Hotel. Events like those are the epitome of how food (and drink) tourism boosts the economic progress of a locality.

If you’re an investor, a food entrepreneur, or a food blogger, don’t lose the chance to witness the wonders of food tourism in your locality.

Ensuring Healthy Home Water with Filtered Water Solutions

Water is something that the human body needs to survive. That is why it should be safe to drink and good for the health. One way that you can make sure that your home’s water is healthy to drink is by having under sink filters Melbourne professionals can install in your home water system.

Under sink filters Melbourne readily has and with great quality is just one of the services provided by Filtered Water Solutions. Under sink filters can keep your family safe and healthy from the harmful effects of toxic or contaminated water.

If you’re thinking that your water at home is safe because it’s clear, then you might want to think again. Water from your pipes at home contains toxic and harmful substances that can eat away at your family’s health. Here’s a list of health risks that may come from your water system:

1. Microorganism contamination

Most pipes used in home water systems are buried underground. Because of this, you might not know if there are leaks or that your pipelines are compromised, especially with old houses. The compromised areas can be an entry point for microorganisms like bacteria, viruses and cysts to contaminate your water system. Not to mention the ones already present from the water source itself.

2. Fluoride toxicity

You may be familiar with fluoride from toothpaste commercials or with the toothpaste that you use. However, fluoride in drinking water is toxic to the human body, especially when taken in several amounts. It is one of the culprits that make bones brittle, which in turn would increase your chances of getting fractures.

3. Chlorine in the water

Chlorine is commonly used in order to treat the water system, killing off certain microorganisms that cause serious diseases. However, the usefulness of chlorine is only important when it’s in the water source and is no longer needed when it reaches the pipelines of your water system at home.

Although chlorine is useful in disinfecting water, it becomes a nuisance when it reaches your home. Accumulated chlorine can eat through your pipes over time, especially the rubber parts of the plumbing, and will result to breaks and compromise your pipeline. It is also toxic to plants, so you don’t have to be surprised if your plants die as you continuously water them with water containing high chlorine content.

For the human body, chlorine can cause dry skin and flaking, as well as dry hair and skin irritation. When it gets in your eyes, it causes irritation.

As you can see, there are several health risks and dangers that come with unchecked tap water. So how can Filtered Water Solutions help you?

1. Water Filtering Systems and Products

From the name of the company itself, they provide water filtering products and systems that can help keep your home water safe and healthy. They provide simple water filters and high end filters and services, including reverse osmosis Melbourne services.

2. Alkalize your water system

They also offer products that can decrease the pH level of your home water, making it alkaline. You might have heard or even read about it. Alkaline water is good for your health. It helps boost your immune system and can even serve as an antioxidant to combat the effects of free radicals.

Alkalinized water also helps keep the cells in the body hydrated, compared to regular water. So your cells will be able to take in enough water, making them less susceptible to dry skin and other symptoms of dehydration. This will be a great pair to your under sink filters Melbourne.

3. Installation and maintenance

If you do purchase water filtering systems, Filtered Water Solutions offers installation services. The company is comprised of expert technicians that have been trained to install water filtering systems, even including whole house fluoride removal Melbourne services.

Aside from installation, they also offer maintenance services to help ensure that your filters are clean and functioning as they should be. Most water filtering systems need cleaning or maintenance every twelve months. Without proper maintenance and cleaning, the systems will no longer be able to filter out chlorine, fluoride and harmful microbes from your water system.

You can find Filtered Water Solutions at Unit 3/16 Weld Street. Preston, NSW, Australia, 2170 or you can visit their website at