The body is created like a machine. It toils, performs tough duties and encounters harsh climatic and environmental conditions daily. Just like a machine, it requires constant servicing, rest, and utmost care. This translates to rejuvenation, relaxation, and pampering once in a while. Relaxing under the sun with calming jets massaging your body is a rare yet breath-taking experience. Imagine enjoying this comfort in your backyard? It is very possible because unlike before, you can now own outdoor spas in Sydney.

Things to Consider Before Buying Outdoor Spas

What you need

Before buying an outdoor spa, determine the functions and elements you need. There are three major types of outdoor spas in Sydney that are designed for different purposes. They include: remedial spas, aesthetic spas, and social spas. Though your biggest decision would be whether to buy a prefabricated, portable or built in concrete spa, it is important to do prior research and choose wisely.


Think about the number of people who will be using it at a time. If you need a spa for two, it should be of a substantial size. The cost of running, maintaining and heating a spa can be quite high depending on the size. However, if you need a spa to entertain a large family or group of friends, invest in a bigger social spa.

Where to place the spa

An outdoor spa should be the inviting focal point to your yard. Therefore, it should be positioned at a strategic point where it captures the attention of all visitors. Positioning it far from the main house or at a hidden corner not only hides it but also creates a feeling of separation. The closer it is to your house and the main entrance to your yard, the better and more usable it will be.


Perform due diligence about the pool regulations that apply during spa installation. The regulations touch on elements like access gates, placement, covers, barrier fencing, and ledges. Just like pools, spa installation may require a building permit. If that is the case, a safety barrier and water must not be added until you have the permit and your installation work is deemed safe and compliant.


Every investment must revolve around a budget. As mentioned above, there are different types of outdoor spas in Sydney, and they are priced differently. Therefore, ensure that you set a budget and stick to it. Do not be blinded by aesthetic features only. When working on a budget, it is advisable to seek professional assistance. Understand the pros and cons of each type and options that fall within your set budget. Though spas are great investments, borrowing money or straining financially so that you can acquire an outdoor spa may not be necessary.

Bottom line

Outdoor spas in Sydney are slowly gaining popularity due to the convenience and relaxation they offer. Though the initial investment may be expensive, you end up saving more in the long run. You save the money you could have spent in commercial spas.